1000 Threads Documentaries

In 2005, 1000 Threads Films was officially launched with the film “Kurt Stoeckel, Artist”. The film premiered at the deYoung Museum along with Kurt’s artist in residency at the deYoung. A passionate supporter of Artists and the Arts, I envisioned a production company that would create visual stories which would help the public understand and embrace the artist’s vision.

Over the past 9 years 1000 Threads has produced 7 films whose stories have explored the lives, philosophies and work of visual and performing artists. On our journey of documenting these individuals we became fascinated with a second theme, the inspiring lives of people in their 80’s and 90’s.

Our most recent film, currently in production, “Jim Mizuki, An American Farmer” sets a new direction for the vision that 1000threads would like to share with audiences. As the baby boomers head toward their “Golden Years,” how can they be inspired to live life to the fullest?