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A Ray Studio works with entrepreneurs to communicate their vision through video and reach new customers.

Carla Bolotaolo Fashion Designer

Butcher’s Guild Barnraiser Campaign

The Butcher’s Guild is a professional trade-group of artisinal butchers around the US who butcher whole animals from local farms and cut good meat for the consumer. The Barnraiser Campaign is to raise money to bring together guild members for The Future of Meat: 3rd Annual Butcher’s Guild Conference and Industry Summit in the fall of 2014, create a sponsorship program for deserving low-income butchers to attend the conference by providing scholarships and discounts, collaborate with Back to the Farm on delivering an app that will make butcher shops more profitable, and to secure the Butcher’s Guild non-profit status.

Mount Eden Vineyards

Mount Eden Vineyards has a special historical significance in the history of wine making in California. Developed by legendary vintner Martin Ray. It is considered the longest lineage of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in North America. This piece shares the beauty of the vineyard,the history and wine making techniques of this international award winning winery.

Hillside Supper Club

Entrepreneurs Tony Ferrari and Jonathan Sutton needed a video to inspire their community to fund their kickstarter campaign. We focused on the neighborhood, Tony and Jonathan’s inspirations as chefs, and their food to create a visual narrative that expresses the heart and vision of the Hillside Supper Club.

Entrepreneurs | Artisans | Non-Profit Organizations


Shanson Consulting wanted a video campaign using humor and metaphor
to attract potential clients that are overwhelmed by the idea of social media.
This is the second of three videos.

Shilpa Rathi

Shilpa Rathi had just launched her home decor line of organic hand printed linens and accessories. She wanted a video to let her wholesale and retail clients get to know what inspires her designs. She shares her memories growing up in her father’s linen factory in India. Shilpa reinterprets traditional Indian designs as she brings a new brand to the western market.